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Why we Rebranded, Changed Our Logo – PLG Chairman

In a bid to unleash a brand that will position the firm as a conglomerate rather than a real estate business, Prince Luxury Group has rebranded and changed its logo.

Omoha Nduka, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Nigerian top real estate company, Prince Luxury Group (PLG) announced in Lagos recently during a press briefing.

According to him, this is the first brand overhaul since the Prince Luxury Group was founded in 2015.

“The rebranding exemplifies PLG’s
commitment to continually redefining the way people live and developing our nation as well as creating values for our shareholders,” he said.

“The original identity just wasn’t conveying the wonderful products story, or appearing premium enough for the growth of our businesses, This rebrand will help shift public perception of the PLG brand and also influence its market and growth” he further said.

He asserted that PLG’s expansion’s drive is to become a fully-fledged conglomerate company.

In February 2021, the group incorporated a new subsidiary, GoGo Express Limited, a logistics company committed to providing extensive logistics services through innovative Morden technologies, and in May 2022 it incorporated another subsidiary, Bonaqua Bottled Water Limited, a mineralised bottled water company which is expected to be launch by the end of the year.

The PLG logo is distinctive, simple, elegant, and vibrant, combining the five-pointed star with the unique typographic and monographic PLG in predominant red on white or white on red, he noted.

According to the firm, “the red colour represents energy, determination, boldness, strength, innovation, courage, and passion, all of which are in line with the company’s vision and growth.”

“The white colour symbolises radiance and clarity of focus, and bespeaks PLG’s standard of reliability and integrity. The five-pointed star is a divine symbol of light, excellence, quality, growth & development, and connotes deep personal relationships based on the spirit of oneness and mutualism of the group.”

PLG distinguishes itself in the marketplace by combining first-class products with superior customer service. It aims to surpass customer expectations in a timely, consistent and professional manner and to make life easier for its customers, whilst creating value in the real estate value chain and redefining the way people live through luxury and innovative quality products and services.

PLG continues to enjoy a local and international reputation for excellence as a result of its commitment to constantly redefining luxury and innovation as a means of enhancing the image of the brand.

“The brand’s corporate identity rests on our core values. The PLG new logo is distinctive, simple, elegant, vibrant, and catchy.”

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