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I travel all over the world Preaching that Africa is “opportunity”


Work hard, play hard


My professional life has nothing to do with my personal life and vice versa

Popular quotes from Prince Omoha

““I truly believe that entrepreneurship is about being able to Face failure, Manage failure and Succeed after failing”

“Always strive for greater Height and when you get there, strive for more & so on till the rest of your life, Success has No limitation”.

“ Don’t kill your dreams with procrastination, doubt & fear. Nurture it with passion, commitment & determination. keep your dream alive because yes you can”

“The results of consistency and perseverance is magic at the end, keep grinding”.


Speaking for Africa: Abu Dhabi, London & Rome – Fostering Partnerships & Championing a New Africa.

Africa’s transformation will only be achieved by us, Africans. However, I believe in partnership, in all aspects of life. To unlock Africa's potential and create a future of…

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