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“Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times. Many will not understand it but you have to raise warriors, not parasites.”

-Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum.

In 2013, Prince Omoha J Nduka started as a young entrepreneur through passion and vision to create significant business model and economy value. Presently, the conglomerate, Prince Luxury Group (PLG), operates in two countries with presence in Nigeria and Hong Kong, with the aim of linking Africa’s economies to each other and the world. 

PLG serves its clients across different business franchise. The Conglomerate is also connecting people and businesses across Africa through properties; construction, stocks and logistics services.

The man who drove the emerging business empire was Prince Omoha J Nduka, who was only 14 when he began his entrepreneurship journey as a recharge card seller, after few years, retired in that capacity and take a pace in the minerals mining, animal hides among others from there he turned his focus to Prince Luxury Group in 2015. 

With the same passion, vision and commitment used to build his previous businesses, Omoha embarked on another mission. Armed with the knowledge, belief, expertise and understanding of opportunities that existed in Africa economic space he decided to turn what had been a real estate firm at first into an African Conglomerate group of companies with investment arms designed to generate a similar impact on other strategic sectors of the economy.

Working with a dedicated team, Prince Omoha set out to leverage his knowledge and expertise in business management, Together, the team identified attractive economic sectors, based on commercial viability and the impact each would have on the continent’s economic development. Currently, Prince Luxury Group is offering real estates, stocks, construction and logistics. 

Although still young and growing fast, presently in two countries across 2 continent, and its investee companies employ the labour market both directly and indirectly, while empowering more.

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