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What to note when acquiring a property

“It’s easy to rush into taking the first available property in your price range but take the time to consider it in detail. We’ve all been there, you’ve viewed a property, you immediately love it and you can visualize yourself living there. This often comes after hours of viewing awful properties with the same rent, so you feel even more certain that there’s nothing out there, and this is the only good property available. You may even have a sneaky mention from the estate agent that it’s rare for something like this to go on the market, or that there are five other people viewing it today. It’s easy to go into panic mode, make a snap decision and put down the holding deposit for fear of losing the property,” he narrates


“But you need to pause, assess the property fully and ask yourself and the estate agent a few questions. one of the things I urge people to always consider before renting an apartment is one, does the location work for you? Two, can you afford the property? Three, what are the charges/bills? Four, what’s the condition and terms? Five, who lived here before and why are they leaving? Six, how long are the tenancy agreements? Seven, can you make a change in the property? And finally seven, check the paperwork. These are very important points to note before renting a property,”

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